Welcome to the illuminated world of Multiline,
In 1982, Multiline started developing and producing lighting fixtures.
Today, 30 years later, we are particularly proud that Multiline has grown to become an established player on the lighting market. Over the years, the Rahne family and their qualified employees have aimed for the highest quality.
Aiming for perfection is not self-evident. We continue to achieve this through intense and continued investments in the ultra-modern production unit in Belgium.
Thanks to our flexible family company, we guarantee quality, professional guidance, continuous development, top design, customised service, excellent logistics and a balanced sales team. This is evident from the ISO 9001 certificate and the ENEC norm.
We don’t have shareholders looking over our shoulders all the time, we rather take pride in a successful project and a satisfied customer, time and again. Because that is what matters to us. For now, we continue our mission as a trendsetter in the world of lighting, together with you.
Are you ready to have your world ‘illuminated’ by Multiline? We are ready for you!

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